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Intimately With Rafi Reshef

Rafi Reshef host one on one the people who made the week in the Israeli culture.

Shai On The Air

Shai Stern returns to check what happened to us and how do we snap out of it? On each show we'll show you a humoristic outlook that will summarize the past week's events, including outdoor footage and studio interviews with various guests from different fields.

On The Nation's Back

A new season - Lior Schlein's satirical program with Einav Galili and Orna Banai! Schlein and friends will deal with the major current events and will host the most important politicians in the country, to try to get answers to all the difficult questions.

Live By Night

A Late-night Show Hosted By Nadav Bornstein. The Show Tackles The Most Interesting Stories Of Current Events Using The Most Updated News, Most Viewed Videos, Most Shared Statuses, The Most Popular Search Words In Google, As Well As The Most Popular Instagram Photos. All These Will Reflect What Have Stirred The Israeli Public That Day.

Good Evening With Guy Pines

Ofira & Berkovic

Almost Shabbat

Galit And Ilanit

71 Square Meters

Surprising Memories From The Parents' House Before It Is Demolished Sometimes You Have To Leave In Order To Come Back. You Have To Forget In Order To Remember. Chezi Goes To His Deceased Parents' House The Day Before The Bulldozers Will Raze It To The Ground. It Is The Last 24 Hours: 24 Hours To Remember His Mother, His Father, Bjorn Borg, An Old Mezuza.

Onion Rings

Sabri Maranan 5

A Wonderful Country - Election Season 2019

Magen David South

Common Girls - Sub

Behind You, Shontal - Opening Episode: Naor Zion's New Series, About Four Strong And Surviving Good Friends That Move To Tel-aviv From The Periphery, Using Their Street-smarts To Disguise Their Behaviour And Live The High Society Life And Mainly To Find Love. Starring: Neta Gerti, Anya Bukstein, Mali Levi And Rotem Zisman.

Prof. Camil Fuchs & Zvika Hadar

The Influencers Convention - Erez Tal & Israel Katorza