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Friday Night News With Ayala Hasson

Ayala Hasson with the news 10 interpretive panels with discoveries, investigations and magazine articles that summarize the news this week

The Magazine

Oshrat Kotler-Bengal presents the weekend edition with all the news, entertainment and lifestyle reports.

Central Headquarters with Ayala Hasson

A political program presented by Nadav Per. Every week, together with Hanoch Daum and a panel of commentators, we will host main political figures, deliver updated surveys and the countdown of political moments that has made the week.

Head To Head

Journalist Hagai Segal Debates With Guests

Gili Is Coming To Visit

"gili Is Coming To Visit"- The Babysitter Who Is Something Else! "gili Is Coming To Visit" Is A Cool Series With Educational Messages Along With Gentle Humor From The Children's World. Gili Werner, The Children Artist Recognized Under The Name "gili Is Here For A Visit," Is An Educational Figure, Musical, Funny And Loved By Children, But As Important For The Parents.

Tokker On Friday

A weekly show hosted by Menachem Toker, which engages on issues of religion and tradition. The program will be accompanied by different areas and various guests will deal with social issues, cultural, grades and religious topics that are "hot" in Israeli society.

Friday Is Here

The Club

One of the most successful standup comics in the country, in an evening full of laughter laughter and more laughter. Shachar Hasson invites you to the funniest show on TV, and this is just the beginning.

Yaniv Hamagniv Thinks Green

The World This Morning - Best Of The Week

The House On The Water

Future Tv 2

Haroni & Gidi - Best Dishes Of The World

Kobi & Lital - Life Itself

The 80's - The Mamuka Show

The Magazine - Noga Nir Neeman

A Story About Love & Bread With Tomer Ballas

Five - Friday Edition With Almog Boker

The World This Morning - Friday

The Chef Games 2