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Yellow Peppers

The Series Tells The Story Of A Family From An Isolated Moshav In The South. The Family Has A Farm For Exporting Yellow Peppers. The Family Gets To Know The Special Autistic World And Embarks On A Journey In The Attempt To Bring Omri, The Son, To "normal". On The Way They Discover That The Line To Madness Is Thinner Than They Thought…

Sleeping Bears

Yellow Peppers - Sub

Episode 1 : Avishai And Yaeli Go Back To Live At The Moshav Where Avishai Grew Up, In A Remote Part Of The South, Where They Share A Yard With His Family. The Atmosphere Is Tense Because Everyone Knows That Yaeli Has Cheated On Avishai With One Of The Doctors At The Hospital Where She Works. Yaeli Decides To Go With Avishai To The Moshav And Fight For Their Marriage. She Tries To Get Acclimated And It's Not Easy.

Yellow Peppers 2 - Sub

Five Years And Many Changes Has Happened Since The End Of The First Season, And The Rottenberg Family Learned To Live With Omri's Difficulties. Now, Yaniv And Ayelet Have To Decide If They Are Willing To Take The Risk And Have Another Child.