Your Sweet Light

A Young Couple From Tekoa Establishes A Jewish Home In India For Backpackers. The Camera Follows The Dramatic Turns In Their Relationship That Result Their Work. It Is An Intense Film About Ideology…


This Is The Story Of The Unique Relationship Between Lisa And Her Adopted Daughter, Luz. Unable To Have Children, Lisa Adopted Luz From Columbia When Luz Was Three Months Old. The Bond Between Them…

Cold Water

A young woman’s journey to Jerusalem in search of the father who abandoned her as a child, and the connection between them was severed. She discovers his place of residence and reason to disconnect.

Stand Up

Dudi tries to fulfill a hidden dream and become a stand-up comedian.
Dudi Schatz, a young yeshiva student, is preparing to receive a teaching certificate for early childhood subjects … This is what Raheli knows about his wife, and what Raheli does not know is that Dudu has a dream, he wants to be a stand-up comedian. A touching comedy about dreams and lies, about relationships and self-realization.
The film by Assi Zobel.

71 Square Meters

Surprising Memories From The Parents’ House Before It Is Demolished
Sometimes You Have To Leave In Order To Come Back. You Have To Forget In Order To Remember. Chezi Goes To His Deceased Parents’ House The Day Before The Bulldozers Will Raze It To The Ground. It Is The Last 24 Hours: 24 Hours To Remember His Mother, His Father, Bjorn Borg, An Old Mezuza.

Getting Serious

Religious light and serious religion, will it succeed?
A romantic Jerusalem comedy, about a religious lite masquerading as Dos. What happens when the girl reveals the truth?


Eyal Returns Home From A Trip To India. While Traveling He Has Made The Decision To Become Religiously Observant. Initially He Delays Revealing This To His Family But Soon He Can No Longer Hide It From Them. His Secular Parents Are Scared And Shocked By The Change In Him. The Transformation Is Hardest For Eyal’s Father, Who Has Long Planned That His Son Will Join Him As A Partner In His Successful Law Firm. No Longer Able To Bear Conflict And Pain At Home Eyal Leaves To Take Refuge In A Breslov Hassidic Community. It Is In This Totally Unfamiliar Environment That He Must Somehow Build The Bridge That Will Lead Him Back To His Family.


Shira, The Mother Of Five Children, Lives In A Religious Community. Her Husband’s Expectation Is That She Will Continue To Bring Children Into The World. Shira Begins To Collapse Under The Stress Of…


The Shabbat is at the door of Viktor, a newly religious Jew, stuck in Tel Aviv after he missed the last bus home. In his search for a solution, feelings that have been hidden for years have arisen.

Sister Of Mine

Like All Young Ultra-orthodox Girls, Ruchi, The Favorite Daughter Of A Jerusalem Family, Dreams Of Becoming A Wife And Mother. But The Fact That Ruchi’s Younger Sister Has Down’s Syndrome Makes Ruchi An Undesirable Match, And In The End Ruchi’s Parents Take Desperate And Ethically Questionable Measures To Marry Her Off. With All Family Members Complicit In Forcing Ruchi To Buy Into A Miserable Marriage, Only Her Special Needs Sister Sustains Her With Innocence And Love.