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Kids shows on The Israeli Network

The most popular kid’s shows in Israel – Now on The Israeli Network! New season to your favorite shows, new series – All you need for a perfect viewing experience

Europe: Monday – Friday, 17:30 CET

USA: Monday – Friday, 1:30 PM PST / 4:30 PM EST

The Young News Edition for kids
News edition for kids, summaraizing the week
The Pajamas – Kid’s show
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News & Current Affairs
The World this morning
Channel 2 News
Channel 10 News
London and Kirschenbaum
Six Pm With…
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Jewish Tradition
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Welcoming the Shabbat with Dov Elboim
Documentaries & Reality shows
True Colors – Season 9
Fact 2016 (Uvda)
The Hebrews
The Chef Games – 2
Aharoni & Gidi’s Wonderful Journey – Season 4
Entertainment & Drama
On The Nation’s Back
La Familia
A Wonderful Country – Season 13
The Jews are Coming Season 2
Tonight with Guri Alfi
Pablo, Food and Friends
The Academy
Israeli Premier League 2015/16 – LIVE
Basketball – EuroLeague 2015/16
Kids shows on The Israeli Network
The Young News Edition

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