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Sabri Maranan

Sabri Maranan brings us the story of a typical Israeli family who shows us that the term “A Polish mother” (Jewish mom) and “Moroccan honor” are concepts that are no longer related to a certain ethnic group…  The series presents “his side” and “her side” as the link between the two is the Jewish “Kidush” and the Shabbat meal. The lives of Shay and Shani (Dvir Bendak and Rotem Abuhav) and their two daughters range from a European lifestyle  at the Rosen residence (Sandra Sade and Tuvia Tzafir) where things are happening beneath the surface, to the Hason residence (Yoram Gaon and Yona Elian Keshet), where everything is visible ,on the surface (and Shay knows exactly how many stitches did his sister in law get giving birth). In each episode, the couple is going to a different Shabbat family meal. One episode at the Rosen’s, one episode at the Hason’s and so on

With English subtitles

Europe: Thursday,21:55 CET

USA EAST: Saturday, 10:10 PM EST

USA WEST: Thursday, 10:38 PM PST

Sabri Maranan 2: Equally Divided
Pinhas and Rikki Rosen write down a will, and Shai, Itamar and Adam face the understanding that their parent are not gonna be with them forever
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