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The Red & Dvir Show 2
"The Red and Dvir Show" is a the most unusual guest show you've ever see on your screen ... Acclaimed actor and comedian Dvir Benkek, joins Red Auerbach, a huge deranged purple puppet who doesn't know what Politically Correct means, asks the most embarrassing questions, makes the most insulting comments, and generally ruins any chance of a sane interview, for a joint late night host show.
A New game show: Look Who’s Asking
New game show where the whole country participates. Two pairs compete against each other and use their general knowledge and intuition on the way to the grand prize: a quarter of a million shekels
The 80′s – Season 2 Ep. 5
Prosper tries to cancel the traffic report he received while Shalom volunteers with the policeman that filled the traffic report.

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