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4:25 pm   THIRD READING  
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The Israelis
The Israelis the most talked about series about Israelis abroad! A fascinating journey by Yaron Dekel on Israelis living in America... Do you want to know what he learned about them? What he learned about us? Get to know the Israelis who live in America The Israelis, as they call them in America
Where do you live ? Ep 8
An 8 part drama series of a young Buchari man who is forced to choose between his loyalty to his family and special customs of their congregation, and his personal desires to fulfill himself and become Israeli "like everyone else"
On the Nation’s Back
A satire show headlined by Lior Shlein, Guri Alfi, Orna Banai and Einav Galili. The four present a weekly report covering the the Nation's Back as they see it...

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