Music School – The Teachers

Moshe Peretz

Won ACUM Prize in the music industry. Moshe started his way at a synagogue in Tiberias, and even then wrote songs for himself. During his military service and after that he sang at the memorial days’ ceremonies, , served with the Northern Command band, while working on his own album production.

Besides his major Hits, Peretz also is working with many other artists, including Sarit Hadad, Tamir Gal and Shlomi Shabat. In November 2009, he broke another personal record, and appeared in the “Hall of Culture” show. The cost of this show was $ 100,000. It was produced by Teddy Tzarfaty. Peretz’s fourth album achieved double platinum album, and in May 2011 he released his fifth album.

Yehoram Gaon

One of the greatest singers of Israel. Yehoram began his career as an entertainer at the Nahal military band, but quickly realized that his will to sing is bigger than everything. He sang at the “Yarkon Trio” band, along with Arik Einstein and Beny Amdursky, but left in order to study acting and directing. He got famous in the musical “Kazablan”, and from that point the way to the Israeli Hall of Fame was short.

He won the Israeli Song Festival in 1969, and became the preferred singer for song writers such as Naomi Shemer and Chaim Hefer. Yehoram Gaon has no less than 20 solo albums, 19 collections, he played in 12 films and in 5 theater plays.

Matti Caspi

At the age of five he began to play the mandolin, and since then did not stopfor a moment. He is considered one of the best musicians of Israel, and wrote not less than one thousand songs for others. Currently specializes in a wide range of musical instruments, from piano to guitar and drums.

Matti Caspi has 20 personal albums, 7 hits collections, a live album from Festival Arad, an album with the trio of “Do Not Care” and 3 albums with Shlomo Gronich. When he was only 15 years old, he received a mission from his teacher in Kibbutz Hanita to write characters –an exercise that today is defined by Caspi himself as his turning point: the day he moved from theory to practice. At the Music School Matti will try to pass his knowledge to the future generation.

Keren Peless

As a child, Keren learned to play the piano and flute, and even experienced as a soloist in orchestras of the Jordan Valley and in Yavniel where she grew up. She went to the famous “Rimmon” school.

In music school Keren will try to transfer to her students writing capabilities, and performance tune which she acquired, and share with them her performing experience in front of an audience. Peles is known as a diverse creator, and her songs are performed by many singers such as Miri Mesika, Sarit Hadad, Shiri Maimon and Harel Skaat.

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