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    Israeli Television — About Us

    The Israeli Network was established in 2001 with the mission to deliver quality, current Israeli television to Israeli and Jewish communities around the world who want to watch Israeli TV. Headed by CEO Amit Ben yehuda, The Israeli Network is based in Kfar Saba, Israel, with offices in New York, Los Angeles and Miami. The network’s main shareholders are Kardan Communications of Kardan Group, one of Israel’s leading investment companies, and Monarchy Enterprises of Milchan Group, headed by Arnon Milchan in the United States.

    The Israeli Network is proud to present the best of current Israeli television, including daily news, breaking news, current affairs, drama, comedy, talk shows, entertainment, sports, culture, religion and a range of shows for kids and teens.

    In 2010, The Israeli Network expanded into the English-speaking market, offering its impressive line-up of programming with English subtitles. For the first time, viewers outside of Israel can watch Israeli TV and enjoy a wide range of television content, produced in Israel – and now in English.

    Offering a rare glimpse into Israeli society today, and a unique and important Israeli perspective on current affairs and culture, The Israeli Network also broadcasts many light entertainment shows and quality drama productions for people who want to watch Israeli TV outside of the country.

    The Israeli Network provides an excellent tool for Hebrew-language learning, with Hebrew shows featuring English subtitles.

    The Israeli Network provides viewers with the opportunity to bond with their cultural heritage, to enjoy a new angle on events in the Middle East, and to discover the real Israel.

    * The Israeli Network reserves the right to change the broadcasting schedule without notice in advance

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