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11:00 AMMonday 01/22
London & Kirschenbaum

Yaron London present a daily talk show, focusing on today’s main events.

12:00 PMMonday 01/22
6 Pm With...

Oded Ben-Ami delivers the people who make the headlines in Israel, both in and out of the studio. Leaders and citizens are hosted in the show to comment about the most exciting dramas of the day.

12:50 PMMonday 01/22
Iltv News - Morning Briefing

1:00 PMMonday 01/22
Evening News

Tamar Ish Shalom deliver today's news, commentaries and investigative reports

2:00 PMMonday 01/22
Healthy Morning With Paula & Leon

3:05 PMMonday 01/22
Recipe For Saving: In The Kitchen Of Shai-lee

3:35 PMMonday 01/22
The People

A documentary about the most popular people of the week - new stories and angels

4:15 PMMonday 01/22
Gossip Girl

5:00 PMMonday 01/22
Raffi Reshef

Rafi Reshefl opens the current events shows for the day in a fascinating show with the people behind today's stories.

6:00 PMMonday 01/22
Iltv News - Main Broadcast

6:35 PMMonday 01/22
Savings Account

Keren Marziano and a team of reporters will tell you what to buy and where, how to make sure retailers won't be able to trick you, and what you need to know to understand the economy. And of course - Menachem Horowitz's consumer Vlog.

7:05 PMMonday 01/22
London & Kirschenbaum

Yaron London presents a daily talk show, focusing on today’s main events.

8:00 PMMonday 01/22
Evening News

Yonit Levi and Danny Kushmaro report to all of Israel about today's news - local and global. A team of reporters and analysts give their updates on events that were and will be, and reveal what others try to hide. Politics, Military, law, society, sports and entertainment - The Prime Time News Edition keeps you updated!

9:00 PMMonday 01/22
On The Level 5

On The Level Season 5 Continues To Seek The Righteous, To Expose The Unprofessional, Unreliable And The Costly Of Them Keeping Us Safe. Will Be Examing A Gas Suppliers Which Have Been Asked To Replace The Gas Balloon While Knowing It Is Full! Examing Whether A "celebrity" Like Shaike Levi, Will Get Better Service. For The First Time, We Will Try To Find Where Are There More Righteous - In Germany Or Israel? Examine Whether The Upper Class Get Better Service Or Will A Villa In Caesarea Blind The Eyes Of The Righteous? Examine Computer Labs And Mobile Labs Technicians Across The Country. Refrigerator And Oven Technicians, Locksmiths And Boiler Technicians They Will All Be Checked By Us.

9:30 PMMonday 01/22

Itay Engel comes to the front line of Syria and discovers what the secret weapon looks like in the war against Isis. And, a moment before he enters prison for the next five years, Meir Rabin the man with who held the secrets of the Holy-land affair speaks for the first time.

10:30 PMMonday 01/22
Tonight With Guri Alfi

Guri Alfi sums up the day's events in a kick ass entertainment show: the people who made the news, politicians, standup comics and musicians.