Programs History

11:30 PMMonday 10/15
Evening News

Tamar Ish Shalom deliver today's news, commentaries and investigative reports

11:01 PMMonday 10/15
Good Evening With Guy Pines

10:32 PMMonday 10/15
The Pipeline

10:01 PMMonday 10/15
Private Magic - With Hezi Dean

8:58 PMMonday 10/15
On The Left Side

8:00 PMMonday 10/15
Evening News

Yonit Levi and Danny Kushmaro report to all of Israel about today's news - local and global. A team of reporters and analysts give their updates on events that were and will be, and reveal what others try to hide. Politics, Military, law, society, sports and entertainment - The Prime Time News Edition keeps you updated!

2:31 AMMonday 10/15
Good Evening With Guy Pines

2:01 AMMonday 10/15
The Pipeline

1:37 AMMonday 10/15
Hanna Is Beautiful - Sub

12:40 AMMonday 10/15
On The Nation's Back

A new season - Lior Schlein's satirical program with Einav Galili and Orna Banai! Schlein and friends will deal with the major current events and will host the most important politicians in the country, to try to get answers to all the difficult questions.