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Monday 02/27
2:00 PMSUBLIVELife style
Healthy Living With Rafi Karaso

A new season for the health show hosted by Prof' Rafi Carasso. How to keep healthy? Prof' Carasso and a team of experts answer important questions that concern us all.

Monday 02/27
3:15 PMLife style
Pastries And Sweets

Monday 02/27
3:50 PMLife style
All Inclusive

Program that deals with economic and social affairs under the guidance of Sivan Cohen

Thursday 03/02
2:00 PMLife style
Dish Of The House

Friday 03/03
8:30 AMLife style
Friday Is Here

Friday 03/03
11:00 AMLife style
It's A Family Thing

Friday 03/03
3:40 PMLife style
The Real Estate Secrets

A new show dealing with the hot topic: The real estate world.

Friday 03/03
5:30 PMLife style

A weekly design magazine. On each program another professional from architecture, design, art, entrepreneurship, community service and more will be hosted.

Friday 03/03
6:30 PMLife style
The Healthy Casserole

Saturday 03/04
6:05 AMLife style
Business Coaching 2

Mia Landau, an expert on business, accompanied by four and advises small business owners to realize the dream the way business works and succeeds. This time Mia first met with Lia Kdoshim Agency and the graphology and NLP therapist Joseph Abdo. Lia begins the process of branding and Joseph learns to manage his business financially.

Saturday 03/04
6:40 AMLife style
The Beauty Dictionary

A feminin lifestyle show about beauty, styling and grooming, as well as issues that concern women and mothers. Show host: Sandra Ringler, Mimi Luzon & Toren Hen.

Saturday 03/04
8:50 AMLife style
Pov Il

Magazine with Efrat Reiten discussing major issues of the Jewish agency's work

Saturday 03/04
10:00 AMLife style
Aharoni 2 Go

Chef Israel Aharoni and his daughter, Tamara, preparing quick street dishes on a new show "Ahroni 2 Go ". Each chapter they will cook street food, tasty and original directly from the food stand. join and start lick your fingers.

Saturday 03/04
10:30 AMENGSUBLife style
As Fresh As It Gets

Saturday 03/04
3:35 PMLife style
Written In The Skies

Sunday 03/05
9:20 AMLife style
Be Healthy