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Life Style

Sunday 10/22
5:20 AMLife style
Chef On The Grill

Sunday 10/22
9:25 AMLife style
Be Healthy

Sunday 10/22
3:50 PMLife style
All Inclusive

Program that deals with economic and social affairs under the guidance of Sivan Cohen

Sunday 10/22
10:25 PMLife style
The Academy 2 Preview

Monday 10/23
5:10 AMSUBLIVELife style
Healthy Living With Rafi Karaso

A new season for the health show hosted by Prof' Rafi Carasso. How to keep healthy? Prof' Carasso and a team of experts answer important questions that concern us all.

Wednesday 10/25
2:30 PMLife style
The Recipe Passport

Thursday 10/26
2:00 PMLife style
Dish Of The House

Thursday 10/26
2:30 PMLife style
Written In The Skies

Friday 10/27
8:30 AMLife style
Friday Is Here

Friday 10/27
10:50 AMLife style
It's A Family Thing

Friday 10/27
3:40 PMLife style
The Real Estate Secrets

A new show dealing with the hot topic: The real estate world.

Friday 10/27
7:00 PMSUBLife style
Ran Shmueli's Kitchen

Saturday 10/28
5:50 AMENGSUBLife style
As Fresh As It Gets

Saturday 10/28
6:35 AMLife style
The Beauty Dictionary

A feminin lifestyle show about beauty, styling and grooming, as well as issues that concern women and mothers. Show host: Sandra Ringler, Mimi Luzon & Toren Hen.

Saturday 10/28
9:05 AMLife style
Pov Il

Magazine with Efrat Reiten discussing major issues of the Jewish agency's work