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Jewish Tradition

Friday 03/03
Woman Of Valor

A religious and traditional program hosted by Hava Mond. Each week a panel of women will discuss various issues such as health, education and more.

Friday 03/03
929 Bible Chapters

What is 929? Sounds like a competitor to 8200 ?! No. We are talking about the number of chapters in the Bible. Israel Heritage Department project's of Beit Avichai in which each week five chapters of Bible study. Not interpreters, no agendas, just to know what it says in the book of books.

Saturday 03/04
To Welcome The Sabbath

Dov Elboim and a varying guests talk freely about Parashat HaShavuah,the weekly Torah portions read in the synagogue on Saturdays, and express their personal interpretation.

Sunday 03/05
The Jewish Home

Weekly current affairs magazine, dealing with different Jewish issues from Israel and world.