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Monday 02/27
12:30 AMSUBEntertainment
On The Nation's Back

A new season - Lior Schlein's satirical program with Einav Galili and Orna Banai! Schlein and friends will deal with the major current events and will host the most important politicians in the country, to try to get answers to all the difficult questions.

Monday 02/27
Zvi Has A Problem

Tzvika Hadar returns in a drama series. Follow the man &n the brand as he attempts to take center stage again. Between auditions, photo-shoots, family life & life behind the scenes' Israel's biggest star will do it all for a comeback.

Monday 02/27
Tonight With Guri Alfi

Guri Alfi sums up the day's events in a kick ass entertainment show: the people who made the news, politicians, standup comics and musicians.

Monday 02/27
Sabri Maranan 3 - Sub

Tuesday 02/28
A Story Of A Song

A Program That Brings The Story Of The Places In Israel Which Inspired The Songs That Have Become An Integrated Part Of Israeli Culture. The Show Creates A Gathering Between The Creators Of The Song And The Performers And The Place In Which They Wrote About.

Tuesday 02/28
Israeli Mix

Wednesday 03/01
9:05 PMSUBEntertainment
A Wonderful Country season 14

A Wonderful Country Return For It's 14th Season With New Characters As Well As All The Beloved Characters.

Thursday 03/02
Face To Face

A new Interview Show in which Yoav Guinea meets figures from the culture, arts and the academia.

Friday 03/03
9:05 PMSUBEntertainment
The Decision

Friday 03/03
Intimately With Rafi Reshef

Rafi Reshef host one on one the people who made the week in the Israeli culture.

Friday 03/03
Tokker On Friday

A weekly show hosted by Menachem Toker, which engages on issues of religion and tradition. The program will be accompanied by different areas and various guests will deal with social issues, cultural, grades and religious topics that are "hot" in Israeli society.

Friday 03/03
Renew Your Home 5

The home styling program "Renew Your Home" hosted by Moishik Glamin returns for a fifth season

Saturday 03/04
Shai On The Air

Shai Stern returns to check what happened to us and how do we snap out of it? On each show we'll show you a humoristic outlook that will summarize the past week's events, including outdoor footage and studio interviews with various guests from different fields.

Saturday 03/04
The Way It Was

A program based on the Israeli television archive's. Each program will focus on a particular topic, and will entertain relevant guests. Moderator: Yigal Ravid

Saturday 03/04
3:45 AMSUBEntertainment
A Family Performance

Singing Contest Hosted By  Zvika Hadar, With Family Ensembles Of All Types, Ages And Other Connections Performing In Front Of Families And Judges: Sherry And Adar Gold, Maya And Shimon Bouskilla, Nir And Raviv Ben Menachem (project Of Ravivo)

Saturday 03/04
9:30 AMSUBEntertainment
Falling Hard

There are too many cash To Sapir and Mickey is going to lose big. Together, they are planning a wedding with a planner, Sharon, offered them a celebrity wedding "for free". With: Miki Geva, Shahar Hason, Ruby Porat Shoval, Uri Hochman and Guy Lasry.

Saturday 03/04
Seeing The Voices

Sunday 03/05
Pablo, Food And Friends - season 4

Pablo Rosenberg Hosts Well Known Artists In His Kitchen For A Personal Conversation About Music, Food And Everything In Between. During The Show Pablo And His Featured Guest Cook A Meal And Sing Together Songs From The Guest's Catalog.